Bella Colson

Boise, ID

Bella is a recent graduate from Boise State. A psychology major, she is currently working in a crisis center as a case manager, and plans to eventually go back to school for an advanced degree in counseling or clinical psychology. Bella shared with us that she remembers seeing OUTrun’s mission and thinking “That’s me. That’s perfect.” Seeing other people who were like her was part of what led her to finally decide to come out. 

Not long after she did, she met her current girlfriend, Jordan. Within a few weeks of dating, Jordan was in a tragic helicopter accident that killed her father and left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Jordan spent months in the hospital in rehab and physical therapy, and Bella was there with her every chance she had. Jordan has made miraculous progress in her recovery, and the two are thriving together as a couple. When Bella shares their love story and how they each supported each other through such a hard time, it so beautifully shows the power of vulnerability and healing. 

We are so fortunate to have someone with such grace and humility be part of our OUTrun family. Realizing how important visibility was in her own coming out, Bella hopes to be the same resource for others. She wants LGBTQ+ folx to know they aren't alone and that they can find community and support with OUTrun.