Claire Lorentzen

Washington, DC

Claire resides in Washington D.C. where she serves as a hospital chaplain. She is an avid trail runner and is passionate about inviting others into that side of the sport within a more urban running community. Claire is excited to use her involvement with OUTrun to build a sense of community, connectedness, and safety while eagerly exposing other runners to the urban trail system right in their backyard.  

We were immediately touched by how Claire talked about her role as a chaplain. It’s obvious that she has a natural ability to connect with and empathize with others, particularly in their most vulnerable and difficult times. We wanted to make sure we do her work justice so here is a little bit more about it in Claire’s own words:

“As an inter-faith and inter-spiritual chaplain, I provide emotional and spiritual care to hospital patients. Often times this is during someone’s most challenging or distressing life-moments. While doctors and nurses focus on healing the body, I, as a chaplain, am there to help restore a sense of emotional and spiritual well-being. Instead of representing a particular religion, I try to be an empathetic ear, meeting my patients exactly where they are — in their own values, their own spirituality, and their own meaning-making. Simply put, I like to be someone people can talk to — and be there to listen.”