Ellen Miller

Boston, MA

Ellen graduated with a BFA in visual arts from Rutgers University, where she primarily competed in the 800m and 1500m events as a mid-distance track and field athlete. As an undergraduate peer educator, she helped develop bystander intervention trainings to help college athletes prevent intimate partner violence and sexual violence within the greater university community. Currently, Ellen attends Boston University School of Law and is finishing up her final year of law school (though sadly, it is mostly remotely). 

Having experienced what it’s like being a mixed-race high school, collegiate, and post collegiate athlete in the predominantly white sport of distance running, Ellen is passionate about equitable access to institutions for people of all backgrounds. Fluent in Mandarin, Ellen interned at Greater Boston Legal Services' Asian Outreach Unit, and spent most of the summer helping limited-English proficiency clients apply for unemployment benefits. Ellen has also represented clients with housing and family law disputes as a Rule 3:03 student attorney. In between classes, Ellen volunteers at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center's crisis hotline, dabbles in graphic design, and writes sketches for the law school comedy group she accidentally joined as a first-year.