Alli DeStefano

Concord, NH

Residing in Concord, New Hampshire, Alli’s busy schedule is perfect evidence of how committed she is to making a difference in the world around her. She’s a mom to her beautiful 3-year-old son, Theo. She’s a teacher with a master’s degree in special education, a high school girls cross country coach, and serves as the co-chair for the New Hampshire chapter of GLSEN, an organization of educators working to ensure student safety, support, and LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools. Alli is going back to graduate school for clinical mental health counseling with a focus on LGBTQ+ youth.

One of Alli’s personal missions is to show that, as a parent, you can still find ways to have running in your life. She strongly believes that you can be many things and she wants to empower and support others to invest in themselves. Alli hopes to create connection and support in her community, and to provide running as a resource to anyone who may be seeking a healthy outlet or a place to be completely accepted and supported, just as they are. 

Through Alli’s work in education and schools and her decision to start a local OUTrun chapter, she hopes to create visibility and a positive presence for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s obvious through her many involvements that Alli has a strong desire to serve. In addition to creating an OUTrun community in her area, she will play an active role in many of our advocacy initiatives. Alli intends to be a resource for events and races in the New England area who want guidance on how to implement more inclusive practices and policies.